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Things I like to do for/with others!

Music and Play

Music is the language of my soul. It seems to ooze out as beatbox rhythms and    humm- ditties whenever I am feeling happy, loved, and playful. 

 It also emerges when I'm comforting myself from tension,  or healing from heartbreak...

I love guitar and voice, flute and sax, drums and didge. I love hip hop and freestyle flow, connecting hearts to tongues as the subconscious soul speaks out entertaining observations and truths of our experience.

Holding Space for the Divine Masculine

There is an ancient dance within each of us between the archetypes of the mountain and the ocean.

The Ocean is our ever-shifting emotion, our captivating presence, our nourishing care, our deep intuition, our wholistic connection, our maiden and mother.

The Mountain is our rational intellect, our dependable presence, our resilient will, our emboldened individuality, our hero and father.


I believe we all embody both, but most identify as one or the other. This group is for mountains who live to dance with the sea.


We meet in the morning, on the first Sunday of each month, to move and talk and challenge and support each other. As masculine-identified humans, showing up to explore and express and embody how we wish to show up in the world, who we aspire to be, and how we wish to contribute.


I believe much of the pain in the world emerges in the space of miscommunication, often simply not feeling heard. Muscle pain is like this. It is asking for attention. It has a message, and it wants you to feel strong and confident and comfortable. 

With a certificate in chair massage I offer bodywork as a way to help your body feel heard, connected, and relaxed.

I use a portable massage chair or table and can come to you.

$60/hour     $75/1.5 hour   

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